Group skills session are a great way to improve your mountain bike riding technique, socialise and get feedback from fellow riders.

To get the most out of your skills session, it’s advisable to ride with others at a similar level. If everyone is at a similar level of ability, they’re much more likely to be equally involved and comfortable making progress at a pace that satisfies the whole group.

Skills rides are split into both general levels of ability and specific areas of technique. If you want to work on something specific, eg jumping, you should ride with other people intending on developing the same skills. This allows the group to focus on an area of learning and therefore maximise the time and expertise available.

We can also provide customised sessions, at a location of your choice. If have a local trail or feature that you’d like to work on, we can come to you and help you understand what’s required to tackle it safely and with confidence.

Check our events calendar to book in for a skills course, or get in touch to organise a custom session with your group.


A beginners course for those who want to learn the basics, gain confidence and stay safe.


  • Green/blue trails
  • Bike setup
  • Braking
  • Changing gear
  • Body position
  • Turning


Learn new skills for tackling obstacles and features, building confidence and riding consistently.

Moving on

  • Blue/Red trails
  • Steep ascents
  • Small drops
  • Momentum
  • Brake balance


Develop your technical skills for increasing pace, getting airborne and riding on challenging terrain.

Stepping Up

  • Red/Black trails
  • How to find grip
  • Lifting front wheel
  • Medium drops
  • Jumping basics
  • Fluid riding


Master the skills and techniques that will enable you to tackle the most challenging trails and features.

Pretty Rad

  • Black/Natural trails
  • Jumping gaps
  • Large drops
  • Steep chutes
  • Technical climbs
  • Endo turns

Trials Tuition

Slow speed manoeuvres are often overlooked, yet are a fundamental aspect of mountain biking.


  • Trackstand
  • Bunny Hop
  • Endo Turn
  • Pedal Hop


Learn to fly with confidence and get both your wheels off the ground in a safe and controlled manner.


  • Pumping
  • Judging speed
  • Taking off
  • Landing

Steep & Tech

Develop techniques and build confidence to maintain control when riding on extreme terrain.

Get loose!

  • Committing
  • Rear Steering
  • Riding Ruts
  • Roots & Rocks

Race Training

Learn some tricks of the trade to shave seconds from your times and maximise your potential.


  • Preparation
  • Line choice
  • Pace control
  • Race strategy

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