Advanced MTB Skills

//Advanced MTB Skills
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Develop your Mountain Biking skills with some expert guidance.

Learn the next level of skills that unlock speed, fluidity, efficiency and the ability to tackle bigger features.

You should be reasonably confident riding a mountain bike and regularly ride blue and red graded trails, but want to step up your game and tackle some red/black or natural trails in the near future.

During the group session we cover topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Carrying Momentum
  • Pumping & Fluidity
  • Turning Technique
  • Manuals
  • Bunnyhops
  • Drop-offs
  • Jumping

Much of the initial tuition will be on flat, open ground to get warmed up, then progressing onto riding red trails or features.

Questions are welcome (in fact, encouraged) to help build solid foundations of understanding – no question is too silly and further explanation is always available if requested!

The course will last for 6 hours in total, with a break for lunch somewhere in the middle when it’s convenient for the group.

A short highlights video of the day will be available for participants to share online – this also doubles as a great way to get feedback by seeing yourself ride.

Please bring enough food and water for the day, as well as the mandatory kit – an approved helmet, gloves and well-fitting bike in good working order. Any other equipment is welcome. Flat pedals are preferred!

See our FAQs for extra info and tips prior to the course. If you are unsure if the course if right for you, please submit a rider assessment or if you prefer to discuss directly, feel free to call.