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Develop a foundation of core skills and knowledge that will allow you to ride safely and comfortably while building confidence.

This course is great for beginners and experienced mountain bikers alike – beginners benefit hugely from avoiding developing bad habits and making fast-track progress, while we often find that seasoned riders benefit from identifying their bad habits and correcting their technique, particularly after a confidence-sapping crash, or when recovering from injury.

During the group session we discuss topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Bike Setup
  • Body Position
  • Braking
  • Turning
  • Descending
  • Climbing

We’ll cover theory and demonstrations in the morning, utilising the skills park features and pump track, before putting them into practice out on the trail in the afternoon.

Questions are encouraged to help build solid foundations of understanding – no question is too silly and further explanation is always available.

What to expect

The course will last for 6 hours in total, including a break for lunch somewhere in the middle when it’s convenient for the group.

Video highlights from the day will be available for participants – this also doubles as a great way to get further feedback by seeing yourself ride.

You will need:

  • Enough food and water for the day – high energy snacks and plenty hydration to keep your mind and body in optimal condition all day.
  • An approved helmet and gloves – any other protection is optional.
  • Well-fitting mountain bike in good working order – if you are unsure on the suitability of your bike, please have a qualified mechanic check it over before coming on the course.
  • Basic tools – a multi-tool, pump and inner tube are minimum expected, although not absolutely required.
  • Flat pedals are preferred – when practising new techniques it helps to have the freedom to move your feet around and dismount easily.
  • Something warm to wear at lunchtime and perhaps a change of clothes for after if the weather has been unkind.
  • A positive mental attitude – a willingness to learn, encourage others and try hard goes a long way to getting the most out of the day.

The other details

There will be a maximum number of 6 people per coach – if the attendance grows, we’ll add more coaches as appropriate. There is a minimum attendance of 4 people required for the session to go ahead – we encourage you to come along in small groups of friends or share the event with others to increase the chance of it going ahead.

This course is aimed at adults, but kids under 16 are welcome if they are comfortable in an adult environment and consent is given by a parent or guardian.

See our FAQs for extra info and tips prior to the course. If you are unsure if the course if right for you, please submit a rider assessment or if you prefer to discuss directly, feel free to call or email.


11 available
Core Skills MTB£95.00