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Learn how to clock up the air miles and rail the turns in the same session.

Seems a bit odd to pair them together doesn’t it? Well, you’re in for a surprise – they both use the same technique!

Railing the turns!

Railing the turns!

Two of the most sought-after areas of improvement, jumping and cornering are high on everyone’s priorities – but do you know anything other than the common misinformation and poor advice that you get from friends with bad habits? We will show you how it really works, and more importantly WHY it works, so you can build on the theory, develop confidence and safely put it into practice. You’ll be sending it in no time!

There are no official prerequisites, but if you’re a novice rider and expect to come along and learn to jump safely, well, it’s probably not gonna happen… In fact, if your core skills are lacking, we can’t actually let you take the risk of jumping without proving you can be safe, so if in doubt, please get in touch or submit a rider assessment form and we’ll get back to you. If you haven’t attended one of our Core Skills courses, chances are you should do that first – even experienced riders have to revisit the basics to allow progress!


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Jumps & Turns£95.00