Learning to ride better will help to avoid any major mechanical failures, but understanding how your bike works can also lead to an improvement in your riding.

Regular maintenance of your bike can help to reduce costs in the long term by avoiding excessive wear to critical moving parts such as the drivetrain, bearings or suspension. This means there’s more money available for riding trips, which has to be a good thing!

Our bike maintenance workshops can give you a practical insight into some basic techniques that will increase the lifespan of your bike and components, even for the most mechanically-averse. The vast majority of maintenance work on a modern bicycle can be carried out with just a set Allen keys, a rag and some grease – it’s not that scary if someone shows you how easy it is!

Corporate Bike Repair & Maintenance Workshops

Our bike maintenance workshops are ideal for businesses, organisations or clubs looking to give their cycle-commuter staff a deserved reward by helping them to maintain their own bike and make emergency repairs. Enquire below and we can deliver a workshop at your office!

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