Please complete this short questionnaire so we can assess what type of riding options are available.

Every member of a group must complete this questionnaire. You are responsible for filling in this form honestly and accurately – it may affect the outcome of your ride and place others at risk if you exaggerate or give false information.

Rider Assessment


Have you ridden off-road before? yesno
How many years have you been mountain biking?
Briefly describe your most challenging completed ride:

Fitness & Endurance

What is your longest single MTB ride in the last year? (time/distance/elevation)
How much do you usually ride per week? (time/distance/elevation)

Technical Ability

What colour grade of trail are you comfortable on?
Can you perform the following skills (tick if you can do them!): Ride standing up out the saddleRide no hands (5 secs)Trackstand (5 secs)Pedal Wheelie (3 secs)ManualEndoBunny HopTabletop JumpDrop-off (non-rollable)Gap Jump (non-rollable)


Briefly describe your bike:
Briefly describe your typical riding clothing:

Desires & Aspirations

Are there any particular aspects of your riding you would like to improve?
Do you have any particular features or trails that you would like to conquer?