Cycling is great for mental well-being as well as physical health. If you exercise outdoors, your body releases natural chemicals to make you feel more alive and connected with the environment and this, in turn, relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The combination of repetitive motion, visually stimulating scenery and the focus on operating a bicycle can distract you from any issues you may be experiencing, allowing the mind to relax and release tension.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.
Albert Einstein

Cycling is a typically social activity and can aid the re-integration of those who have become alienated from their environment by building confidence, assertiveness and well-being. However, if social interaction is an issue for participants, we can arrange for this to be  kept to a minimum.

We have qualified and experienced cycle leaders, counsellors and psychologists that can tailor a ride or mountain biking course to specific needs and requirements, for individuals or groups. We also have access to the latest in supported riding equipment for those with physical disabilities. Whether it’s a leisurely ride along canal paths, or something with a little more gentle intensity on forest roads, cycling can get you out of your own head and back into nature.

Discover your own mountain, and instead of climbing it, hurtle down it, because life isn’t always about reaching the top.
Tracey Hannah, 2016, Professional Downhill Mountain Biker

If you know someone who may be experiencing a difficult period in their lives, or may be suffering from long-term mental health issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and see if cycling therapy can help them out.

In cases of immediate concern or emergency, please contact the Samaritans:

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