What a whirlwind event! A positively huge turnout for our Family Fun Day at the Endura Lifecycle Trust trails in Balfron. With the car park quickly suffering from overflow and the fog not looking like lifting, attendees gathered round to perform a safety check on their bikes before being separated into groups and taken out to see what the trails and skills area had to offer.

The fog was relentless!

There were lots of core skills being mentored and practised throughout the day, including; correct body position, how to descend safely, how to corner effectively, as well as some insightful braking tips and, of course, how to jump safely. These tips all combined to help riders overcome the scary rocky stream crossing at the bottom of the blue trail! Our youngest attendee, only 2 years old, clearly didn’t need any coaching though, she was a whizz on her bike already! 

The event was meant to inspire children and parents to get out and ride together, and hopefully meet other like-minded families in the area, but also to help understand how TrailCoach can best cater to the mountain bikers of the future! Your voices have been heard and TrailCoach will, very soon, be offering a fortnightly kids club with a roaming venue in the west central area of Scotland. From the great attendance and interest expressed, it seems demand is going to be high so keep your eyes peeled and follow us on social media, or, better yet, keep up to date by subscribing to our email newsletter to get notified when we announce the dates. 

As the event came to a close, everyone had well and truly made some tracks (with plenty mud-splattered faces!) and the family day was a huge success, even if the fog STILL hadn’t quite lifted by then. It was amazing to see so many kids and parents keen to get involved – the atmosphere was fiercely enthusiastic and there was clearly a lot of MTB passion in the air! Thank you to all who came along again, be sure to check out the video from the day, let us know what you think and see if you can spot yourself.