Mountain biking is awesome.

Feats of bravery, skill, and style aplenty, there’s no doubting the world is inspired by the likes of Danny MacAskill and Rachel Atherton.

But to most, these levels of performance seem unattainable and downright dangerous. After all, dodging trees and obstacles at over 70kmh to win every single race in a Downhill World Cup season, or rolling backwards on your front wheel alone while leaping from building to building might seem like acts of superhuman powers, but these people are trained athletes like any other and take these risks based on their highly developed skills. But just like a game of amateur football, even beginners can participate at their current ability level and have a great time.

The problem I see all too often in mountain biking is that people tend to be self-taught and learn the hard way. It’s not uncommon to seek coaching in other sports for beginners and professionals alike – think football, rugby, martial arts etc. Mountain biking is a fairly new sport still, and so, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t have an established coaching culture.

Paying the price of trial and error can result in needing some time off the bike, whether that be through physical injury, mechanical damage, or even just a loss in confidence from a crash. That time off means a delay in developing your skills and having fun which is less than ideal. It also means picking up bad habits, leading to poor technique and increased risk of injury – ultimately barriers to safe and fun skill development and participation.

That’s why I started TrailCoach – to offer tuition and coaching to develop MTB skills in a safe environment with expert guidance that will help avoid these pitfalls and speed up the process; tackle greater obstacles, ride faster and ultimately allow you to have more fun on a mountain bike!

If you’ve spent a small fortune on your fancy new mountain bike (or are considering it) then why not invest in your skills too? You wouldn’t buy a new car and take it out for a drive without driving lessons, would you?! Everyone can learn to ride better, experienced or total beginner, with some expert guidance – browse our courses, get booked onto one of our events now, or get in touch if you have any questions.

See you out on the trails!